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Big Fish

Saw Big Fish last night with Jessica. I had planned to see it with Diana, but unfortunately she had to cancel as she had too much homework to do.

I thought it was a wonderful movie. Even made me cry a bit, as did several other guys in the theatre. I think it connected more emotionally to the men than the women. Tim Burton makes up for Planet of the Apes with this one. Ewan is splendid in his role, and I like his southern accent.
Jessica Lange and Alison Lohman look so much alike it's scary.

And Alison was very good too. I didn't realize she was the same girl who played the daughter in Matchstick Men. Danny DeVito, Robert Guillaume and Steve Buscemi. What a strong cast in good roles. Even that evil homewrecking bitch Helena Bonham Carter was good.

Danny DeVito as a lycanthropic ringmaster. Perfect !
Amos Calloway: Did I kill anything?
Young Ed Bloom: Only two or three rabbits, and one was already dead, I think.
Amos Calloway: I see. That explains the indigestion.

I love the town of Spectre. And what a prefect name for a mysterious town.

I think the thing most men can identify with is the below statement.

There comes a point when any reasonable man will swallow his pride and admit he made a mistake. The truth is ... I was never a reasonable man.


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