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Game Night. - The Road — LiveJournal
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2004-01-25 22:10
Subject: Game Night.
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Game night was a good time.

Participants: my old pal Eric the RPG 'Yoda', marathon man Brett, Mexicana Laura, cat-watcher Anne, sarcastic jessdomestic, and 'down with that' veve.

We played Trival Pursuit, Cranium, Taboo, and some other misc. games were played as well.

I lost at Trivial Pursuit with Jessica as a teammate, Taboo was close, then me and Veve rocked at Cranium.

Plenty of food and fun was had, plus I got to meet a few new people and some of my misc. friends got to meet each other for the first time, or catch up with old buddies.

No shows: Diana, Eve's friend, my pal Joseph who called and let me know he couldn't make it.

Not a bad turn out as well, and everybody seemed to have fun. Even Laura who probably had a bit of trouble with all the games as she hadn't been in the country for too long and was struggling a bit with pop culture and language.
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