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Weekend update 2/1

So spent most of the day napping today to make up for being in the Memorial Southwest Emergency Room 9 hours last night and getting home around 3am. Rilee's doing OK.
Around 1am I came up with a brilliant plan.
"I'll give you my phone and you call me when you're done."
A minute passes and Rilee goes, "How will I call you if you give me your phone?"
Me: "I see you have found a minor flaw in my plan."
To which we started cracking up. It was funny after waiting 8 hours and being dead tired.
Plus somebody next door had a heart monitor that sounded like the sound a car makes when you leave you lights on. Ding, Ding, Ding. Drove me crazy, like chinese water torture. Then we watched Mutant X and Mr. Bean on the TV in the room. No NBC for some reason, so no Saturday night live. To make up for that they had two special channels. The starscape screensaveer, and the fireplace channel, both with Muzak.

Superbowl watching a bit. Van Helsing looks very good from the 1.5 seconds of the trailer I saw.
Absolutely no frelling reason for the Janet Jackson tit rip at the end of the show. yuck. plus she can't lip sync worth crap. I actually though Kid Rock might have really been singing. I guess that's a good thing about rap, you can fake it well. Those two cheerleaders behing him? Totally Hot!
M.D. Anderson commercial with the red magic marker made me cry. I have no idea why. Well, maybe not. I think everybody that survives cancer should get a 10 seconds on the Superbowl.

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