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Personals development

Ok Cupid is the coolest personals site since sliced bread. um yeah, that metaphor doesn't quite work. It's still quite nifty. Thanks to the PvP crew for pointing it out. I'm rylenorr there, since it wouldn't let me use Rylenor. Last night I chatted for an hour with my top local match (Before Target came on the scene.) We're so much alike it is scary. It's like we can finish each other's sentences. Weird.

In other news.......

The Super Cool Josh Groban website really impressed the heck out of me. Warning: Launches Music. The picture of him in the foreground and the cityscape in the background with the clouds moving. Super Cool! I wish I could have a website like that, plus I love the grey cloud motif found throughout. I rarely get impressed at websites but this one really impressed me.

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