Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Owlcon Part II

Grrr.. Semagic ate part I.

We then went to play a Munchkin card game with some people around 3pm. It wasn't too bad, but we had a really annoying Weird-Al guy playing. We also had a guy who looked like Matt Damon playing and leading the game for most of it. The GM wasn't great, but we still had a decent time. We also ordered and ate Pizza at the game as the Subway line was horrible. They made a small fortune this weekend. Rilee came and borrowed my hat, and he was playing some kind of Shadowrun knock-off (Starfire/Sunstorm?). Annoying Weird-Al won despite me trying to screw him over every chance I got. :- (.
We then went back to Jessica's apartment to sleep since we found out our Cthulhu Larp lasted from midnight till morning that day. But first came the Quest for Feathers and Pearls! Jessica decided she wanted to go all out with her costume and get a feather boa and costume jewlry pearl necklaces to go with her outfit, so we headed over to Michaels. I went to get a bagel across the way, but they were closed. Evil Bagel Company! You mock me by closing at 5pm on Saturday denying my my bread and cream cheese goodness! She found the most annoying boa ever. A black feather boa that I swear is the most allergic substance I have ever come into contact with. She put it around me despite my protests and I was soon sniffling and wheezing with a horrible sinus headache. She couldn't find her pearls there so we proceed to Hobby Lobby while I popped sinus pills and closed my eyes. Eventually we got there and back to her apartment and I stumbled into her bed to nap.

We came back and made our way over to Sewell hall for the LARP.
Cthulhu LARP was pretty good I thought. I ended up playing an Accountant (big reach for me. lol) at the theatre company, and Jessica played a ditzy actress. The premise was a theatre company at the end of WWII in Berlin putting on a play for the world leaders prior to the summit. 'The King In Yellow' was a production in disorder from the get-go as scripts were as precious as gold, Russian military were stealing everything that wasn't nailed down, and of course the Director and main staff were slowly spriraling into insanity. I played most of the game trying to get our props back from the Russians, my star achievenment being the liberation of our stolen typewriter! My first task was to re-arrange the prop room and find the best stuff and put it on top so the shabby stuff would only be used as a last resort. Then I started tracking down people who started to steal stuff (the actors). Then the Russians got into full theft mode and plundered everything so I started trying to get everything they had taken back. I had a decent time, but I'm not really an actor at heart. I did manage to get a nomination at the end of the game from Rilee and a nod for 'funniest moment' from someboy else, but I didn't manage to win.

Unfortunatly I didn't get to hear what the funnniest moment that they had scene but here were some of the funny things I did that night. While talking to the russians in their HQ room trying to liberate our typewriter one of the wooden boxes they had disappeared and we lost some sanity. I later found it in the rehersal stage so I brought it back to the Russian priest who told me 'take it away before it disappears again' in a pleading tone of voice.
After the russians started knocking out and killing our actors I started trying to hire other people to take their place offering them a good salary and excellent medical benefits.
There was a funny scene when one of the russians stole or leading lady, and I chased them from the main stage to the rehersal stage yelling 'Bring her back! She's our highest paid actress! take a supporting woman instead!'
and then when at the practice stage he asked the actors who was her understudy and could take her place. He then shot everyone who raised their hands, so from then on I told everyone I met. "If somebody asks if you are an understudy.. say "No!"" After losing all my sanity I loaded Rilee up with all the Gladiator costume gear and sent him to the stage, where he then had a good fight with some people. I think all in all, the pace could have ben quickened up a bit as it lagged at some places. I thought the organization and management of the LARP was very well done. There were alot of participants doing alot of things and I know how had it is to manage all that and still be playing NPC characters. I think they need a few more "Keepers" that had no roles to help manage.

Although I had a decent time, I doubt I'll do a LARP again just because of the horrible hours. Midnight to 7am
eek! Plus, and this was a feeling Rilee and I shared, it seemed the plot was fairly well railroaded and we were just along for the ride. Not much we did seemed to alter things, and while I appreciate that structure is needed in something like this, I think there should have been a few 'decision points' that would change the outcome of the story.

Back to Jessica's for an hour or two nap, then back to Owlcon. I played a decent Changeling game based on making sure a Girls-Gone-Wild video got to film in Palm Beach, and she decided to skip that and go find a Settlers game or two to play. We bailed around noon as she needed to get some sleep to work cameras at church and I was far too tired to play Magic the Gathering. We ended with a nice lunch at Goode Tacqueria.
I slept most of the rest of the day.

All in all a decent time and very tiring weekend.

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