Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Ant Attack

Ha! Ants may have found my candy wrappers in the trash, but I have found my Bug Spray! Now they will feel the wrath of an annoyed god. Pestilence will fall upon them like a deadly fog and they shall be no more. Even the blood of aphids smeared above their door will not save them, for I am a)fickle b)an angry god and c)cannot see it.

In other news, I'm apparently too overweight to donate marrow. Oh well. I at least tried to do something nice, that should get me some proofs of purchase towards my angel wings. Oh, and I found out that you can donate umbilical cords to help kids with lukemia, so I shall remind Amber of this at a later date.

In other news, when you delete your journal, all your user info goes *poof*, so at some point I need to write down all my LJ friends e-mails and stuff in case they decide to split unannounced in the future.

OkCupid - I submitted one fluffy question and then some more later, but the rest were 'honorably dismissed' or something like that. WTF does that mean? No explanations in the FAQ. Oh well.

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