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My funny Valentine

Spent Friday cleaning up a bit.
Saturday I cleaned up a bit more in the morning, and then spent the balance of the day watching movies with Eve. We saw Once Upon A Time In Mexico with Antonio and Selma, and prior to that we watched Some Kind Of Wonderful, which Eve had recommended but I thought was just OK. Mainly because while the popular love interest was indeed a very pretty Lea Thompson, her character had no redeming personality features for someone to fall for. Mary Stuart Masterson played a very good role though. I also managed to cut myself on my head shaving. I wanted a close shave so I used a new razor blade and applied a bit to much pressure so I have two thin cuts on my head where I first pushed down. Stung a bit, so I've been putting aloe on it so hopefully it won't scar at all. All in all, it was a very nice day and Eve made good company.

Sunday I went and played some D&D with Eric after running some morning errands. I'm almost finished with my PvP Art Exchange painting, but I needed some adhesive backing spray and sealer. I have two pieces, I have a dragon's eye and a cemetary piece that I am adding a cutout of Gaiman's Death to so that it looks interesting and has some 'geek' charm to it. I think that's the piece I wll send.

At the game run by Eric I played Templeton the prankster. I had a good time with friends but I was tired afterward as Eric has a cat (Ranger) and even when I load up on antihistimnes being around a cat always zonks me out, so I came home and slept.

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