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I'm going to Chicago tommorrow! eee~!
I'll be back Friday night!

Events I'm thinking of attending..

Anyone care to join me?

Mondo Trivia 2/23 8pm Alamo Drafthouse

A New Brain - musical about a kid's show writer in a coma and mid-life crisis.
Masquerade Theatre Feb 21-March 13 Thru-Sunday
713-861-7045 $26 ticket

Symphony of Rats - play/comedy about a president's inner turmoil w/ puppets
Axiom Feb 19- March 13 Thur-Sat Infernal Bridegroom Productions
713-522-8433 $15

Buford Gomez the Border Guard - comedy about a border guard.
Alley Theatre $26 Sunday Feb 22

Bluegrass band CIF 2/24 $6 Continental Club

Don't know if I'll be able to make this one, as I ain't going without a
female date.
Crossdresser singing Babs tunes 2/21 S. Brinberg
Hobby Center 7:30 Saturday $45
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