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So I sent off a nice letter to BP today thanking them for the interview, ate some leftovers from Maggiano's. Yummy. I've decided that they'll have to offer me about 70k to get me to move to Chicago with the higher cost of living and the hell of eternal cold for 3/4 of the year. Hopefully they'll give me the job in Houston. Not likely but if I need to hope, might as well hope big.

Yesterday I went to Mondo Trivia at the Alamo. There were only like 6 of us there, and the show lost sound halfway through so they gave us free passes to come back. I didn't win the trivia, which was interesting but not terribly funny. They are going to have a swanky Oscar show there, but I'll be on vacation. Too bad.

Today was Estimate day at work which is alot of stress and time crunchy so I relaxed this evening watching Queer Eye. Oh my God that guy's place was a dump. I almost thought Thom was just going to give up and move him somewhere else, the dust was making my sinuses act up and I wasn't even there.

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