Juan (mcclintock) wrote,


So I'm looking at the 50 First Dates soundtrack and the pivotal song in the movie isn't on it. 'Wouldn't it be nice?' Why not?
Plus the cool hawaiian 'Over the Rainbow' isn't there either. bah.
For some reason I have a dire need to hear that song again.
Maybe it's ukele withdrawl.

I'm finally getting over the dizzyness associated with Paxil withdrawl as I've run out of pills and don't feel I need it anymore enough to bother with filling out all the paperwork to get it filled by mail order which I have to do now. Run-on sentences anyone?

I want to see A New Brain dagnabbit! I think I'll see if I can get Jess and Eve to go see this with me Friday. I think I'd rather see this then Symphony of Rats. squeek! squee!
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