Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Weekend update

Friday's crawfish boil went nicely. I had a good time with Jessica.

Saturday I was suppossed to see the zombie movie with Brett but he canceled, so I've just been running errands and cleaning up the place between bouts of playing on the computer and watching TV.

Watched all the Angel episodes I missed while on vacation. Wes is the most tragic character I've come across in any medium. The poor boy needs a break and some happiness. The episodes made me cry, they were sad.
Blue hair makes women hot is also something I've learned, and Amy Acker can act.

Getting my ducks in a row to do my taxes this week also, and double checking all my MBA stuff. I'll be going up to Austin April 1-4th for preview weekend. I haven't heard from BP so I'll check with them early next week on where I stand on the job, but I'm not hopefull since I haven't heard anything.

Back to watching Trading Spaces: Home Free tonight.
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