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Knight of the Word

A Bit of History
- What was your favourite childrens book? Rikki-Tikki-Timbo
- What was your favourite young adults book? Majipoor Chronicles by Silverberg, Chronicles of Narnia.
- What was the first adult book you ever read? The Adventures of Huck Finn
- Were you read to by your parents? Yes.
- If so, what were your favourite books that were read to you? Runaway Bunny, several Curious George books and a Bernstein bears book or two..
- Do you still enjoy being read aloud too (by anyone)? Not really unless they are really good at it.
- Name the top five books you want to read to your kids. The Hobbit, LotR, The Chronicles of Narnia, Stardust by Gaiman, Riftwar by Feist.
- What books have seriously changed your views of the world/religion/life? Adventures of Huck Finn, Nobilis RPG book, To Kill a Mockingbird, Watchmen.

Just a Few of Your Favourite Things....
- Name your favourite genre(s): Fantasy (Epic and Grim stuff the best) modern fantasy. Sci-fi with good characters.
- Who are your favourite authors? JRR Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Laurel K. Hamilton, Barbara Hambly, Asimov.
- What kind of world setting do you prefer? One that makes me think that magic is real, and perhaps there is more on this world than science can explain..
- What is your favourite standalone book? American Gods.
- What is your favourite series? Anita Blake, Guardians of the Flame, and Barbara Hambly's Time of the Dark trilogy, Finovar Tapestry by G. Kay.
- If you were going to be stuck on a desert island for a week and you could only bring five books, which would you pick? Finovar Tapestry (3 books) and 2 I haven't read. Maybe Spearfishing for Dummies.
- What books do you wish you hadn't read? The Golden Compass stuff didn't do anything for me.

Reading and You
- Are you a fast reader or slow reader? Fast fast fast.
- Where is your favourite place to read? In a hot tub.
- Do you like to snack while reading? if so, what? Nope.
- Do you listen to music while reading? If so, what? Nope.
- What's your favourite time to read? Evening,
- Do you ever read all night? Not all night, but quite late when I was young. Not so much anymore.

This or That
- Paperback or hardback? Paperback.
- Do you prefer new book smell or old book smell? New and Crisp.
- What kind of bookstores do you prefer? Would you rather go shopping or order online? Online is best for finding obscure stuff, but I like having coffee at Barnes and Nobles.
- Would you rather work in a library, a big bookshop or a little used-book place? Big Bookshop is the place for me.

About Your Books
- How do you store your books? ...Everywhere.
- Do you prefer your books nicely organized, or in a wild hodgepodge? If I had unlimited space they'd all be organized nicely on bookshelves.
- Do you have a book goblin in the house that hides books constantly? Nope.
- Roughly how many books do you have? Too many, I don't want to count them but less than a 250 probably.
- Do you fold the page, use a bookmark or memorize the page number? I dogear everything.
- What's the oddest thing you've ever used for a bookmark (if you use them)? Don't know, seaweed maybe.
- What are the five strangest or most unique books you own? Burning Water by Hambly is hard to find, roleplaying books are always looked at oddly, old textbooks from college.

And Now For Something Completely Different
- Have you ever been physically injured by a book outside of papercuts? I don't think so.
- Do you ever have giant library dreams? Um, no.
- Have you ever hid from a party by reading a book? Yes.
- If you were going to seduce someone with a book, what would it be? Something by Hamilton, probably her elf stuff.
- If you had to fend off a madman with a book, which would it be? The cat picture books I use to prop up my bed are like bucklers..
- If you were a book, what would you be? Probably an irish songbook..
- What is the oddest thing you've ever done to a book? I needed to prop up my bed to help my digestion and the books at 75% off books were actually better and cheaper than wood so I used them.

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