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Everyday is a holiday

Friday is today. Eve's invited me to see some coffeehouse thing with her this evening. I'll see her again on Sunday to watch some movies. Should be nice. Tommorrow I'll probably be going to the Bayou City Art festival at Memorial park with Diana. It should be fun as well. Not that I need more art, god know's we've got enough extra in my family to set up our own booth.

Yesterday... Jessica was a bit bummed out about her friend illness, so I went and got some lunch with her. She was a bit snippy, but I chalked that up to her bad mood and didn't give her grief about it.
Then I bought a day pass and rode the Metrorail back and forth the whole length of the line. I'm very, very impressed. It's quite nifty and convenient. The only bad thing is the lack of any free parking along the route. They should build a free parking garage at the end of the line and more people should use it. I think they are charging a few bucks to park at the Fannin lot, which kinda defeats the whole purpose. Then I did some pre-op registration at St. Luke's.

After coming back to the pad, Rilee and I watched a bit of The Seven Samurai DVD I had bought, but my playstation had trouble reading it halfway through. Then I went to see him sing Karoke at Champs near the Kohl's center down the street. He's won the cash prize there once or twice and since he needs all the cash he can get he goes there every time they have a prize.

I need to clean up the apartment a bit today, run some errands. Simple stuff. Life is good.
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