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Walden - Simply, simplify.

Went into work today and cleaned out my cube. No more cube farm for me. Yay! There's someting surreal about an empty office floor. 6 years worth of cube stuff fit into 4 boxes. 1 for my plants, 1 for some copper bakewear I had up there, and 2 for misc. stuff mostly the sodas I bought early this week.

Bayou city artfest is today for me. I hope the grey skies don't rain on my parade.

I spent most of yesterday in the hot tub here at the complex relaxing and working on my tan. yeah baby. Finished reading Kiln People by Brin, an interesting novel based on the premise of being able to create clones of yourself that only lasted a day. Like may-flies.
Went and grabbed some dinner with Eve and then went to a variety show thingy one of her friends invited her too. Somewhat interesting, they had some really good dancers at one point, and the rest was ok, but hey the snacks and beverages were free.

I now need to start down the path to simplify my life. I have too much stuff to go with me to Austin, so I must get rid of much of it and pare the rest down to bare essentials. So I shall be selling and giving away quite a bit of stuff in the near future. Maybe I'll do some PvP giveaway contests or see who in Houston wants it first. Lots of paperback books, some clothes that I don't wear much or doesn't fit me, etc. I'll take what's left and bring some of it to various donation type places like Star of Hope I suppose.
My goal is to only have to get a very small storage space in Austin for the keepables. My mom's house if full of my grandma's junk so there's no more room there.

Speaking of PvP, I've come to the conclusion that I've been shafted in the craft exchange as I haven't gotten anything from Seifer and he hasn't responded to my IM's. Grumble, Grumble.

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