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I did my taxes today and actually am getting about $750 back. That's a nice surprise. I was expecting to have to pay a few hundred dollars.

Left a voice mail with BP HR lady, I'll try again tommorrow.
I did laundry, dishes. Took a brisk walk in the park off Beltway 8 and Bellaire. Feed the ducks and two HUGE geese some stale Golden Grahams.

I didn't get everything on my list accomplished, but still had a productive day.

I considered going and getting Splinter Cell:PT but I suck at FPS so bad I decided not too. I'm slightly better at the stealth side of FPS but I don't imagine I'd be enough of a challenge for the other folks or PvP'ers I'd want to play.

I got a System Low on Memory message today. Wow, almost 20 GB or stuff on my poor little machine. I imagine it's mostly music, pictures, and games.
I cleared about 3 GB of stuff uninstalling (bye SWG.)
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