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Fencing is a fun sport. It's fairly easy to learn but difficult to master, and it works towards several of my strengths such as good reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, and good upper body strength. It also doensn't involve alot of running around. That's not to say it isn't good exercise because it is. There's a mental aspect to it as well as you have to anticipate what your opponenent will do to react properly. If you fence with people your same level it can be really fun while learning, and once you learn enough to be considered an intermediate fencer you can still have a good time and learn while getting your ass handed to you by a experienced fencer.

Here's my history of fencing. I started at Texas A&M as it was an option for fufilling my PE requirements for my degree. I fenced several semesters but had to quit when I tore my ACL (messed up my knee). Good knees is a must for fencing, so I didn't want to stress them out. After I mostly healed up from that I took country western dancing to hopefully meet some women but that didn't work out to well as I found out I can't dance too well unless I have the same partner for awhile. Anyway cut to late last year when my friend Brett said he and Alma were taking a fencing class. I had wanted to look into getting back into it since my knee was feeling much better and I had confidence in it. We joined Salle Mauro fencing classes through Leisure Learning, which is a kind of organization that organizes classes for people. Salle Mauro is a really nice academy, a nice facility, and the gear is decent when the class size is small.

If you are looking to get into fencing I would heartily recommend it. Most major colleges probably have a fencing class or fencing club, and the bigger cities probably do as well.

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